About Us

As an owner and operator of several businesses in the real estate industry, I got to see first hand the successful decisions people made in decorating their homes and businesses and how those decisions could bring a positive impact on people's lives. Simple design tweaks could change a room that seemed to have all of the right elements, but still wasn't quite right, to a room that wow-ed everyone who entered it. I also got to experience how common decorating mistakes could also have an outsized impact -- for example, how a great home could sit on the market for too long because it wasn't decorated in a way that let people see the beauty and potential in the space.

Black Door Styling & Designs is not just an interior decorating service -- it's an affordable way to solve any decorating challenges you may be facing, so that you can meet your goals: a beautiful space for your family, a higher selling price for your home on the market, a commercial space that increases your clients' trust and the amount of money that they are willing to spend on your services. Let my experience and passion for fixing design challenges work for you, all within your budget and time constraints.