Design Boards

When developing new construction it is important to appeal to the buyer for the location you are building in.  We can work directly with you and your architect to develop specific designs for the homes as well as put together design boards of specific finishes and fixtures you can offer to the buyers.

Buyer Custom Design

One of the biggest hang ups for builders finishing the product is the buyer not being able to decide on all the finishes and fixtures that are involved in new construction.  This not only delays build time it costs money.  We can work directly with the buyer to help them chose all the details in a timely manor to not only expedite the build but remove this task from your list!  Let us handle it!

Custom Extras

Sometimes the biggest complaint with new construction is that it lacks character.  We can help you add it!  This will not only decrease your time on the market but it could add more value to the home as well!  If you already have your floor plans we can work with you and your contractors to add some custom extras to help you not only appeal to buyers but diferentiate you from other new construction builders!