Occupied Staging

Are you trying to sell your home and a room just does not look right?  Do you have an odd layout or are missing an important feature that is turning off buyers?  We have you covered!  Sometimes you have everything you need it just needs to be tweaked.  This can be an easy and low cost way to bring change to your home and attract that buyer you need!  


Vacant Staging - COMING SOON

When selling a vacant home it can be difficult for the buyer to envision how they would put their furniture.  Vacant homes can also come off as sterile or unwelcoming which turns buyers off.  Futhermore, vacant homes also make buyers think they can offer a lower price because it seems the seller NEEDS to sell.  Some simple staging of furniture can change all of that.  Staging has a proven track record of getting sellers more money for their homes or decreasing the amount of days on the market.